Stanly Early College offers sports

Published 7:45 pm Wednesday, October 17, 2018

By Reagan Efird, for the SNAP

Despite the new rule that allows Stanly Early College students to participate with traditional high schools, Stanly Early College continues to offer sports to the students.

For years the Early College has provided a similar version of sports but on a smaller level.

Flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer and kickball are all played at Stanly Early College.

Students have played volleyball tournaments at Pfeiffer, and competed against Cabarrus Early College in basketball.

Playing these sports not only allows students to participate in their favorite game, but it also allows students of different grades to socialize.

Senior Preston Joines recalls his first time playing as a freshman with the upperclassmen.

“Back then, I was shorter and the upperclassmen were not confident in my ability to play,” Joines said.

However, on the first play, Joines intercepted the ball and scored a touchdown.

Joines says it is something he will always remember.

Senior Plus Johnny Avila’s favorite sport to play is basketball.

On the way to their games Avila remembers “everyone was excited and ready to play hard.”

Both Joines, Avila and so many other students have made new friends and lasting memories playing at Stanly Early College.

Reagan Efird, a student at Stanly Early College, writes about events at the school for The Stanly News & Press.