‘Peter Pan Jr.’ flies into Stanly County Agri-Civic Center

Published 8:45 am Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Talent Company will present Disney’s “Peter Pan Jr.” at the Stanly County Agri-Civic Center beginning Saturday night.

The youth theatre group will offer shows at 7 p.m. Saturday and Oct. 26-27 and 3 p.m. Sunday and Oct. 28.

“Our production is going great,” said David Kilde, youth director for the production.

“We have a ton of new kids and excited returning members,” Kilde added. “Our new musical director has been amazing and fun to work with. We are super excited to be on the much larger Agri-Civic Center stage.”

Kilde says the show is the classic story of Peter Pan.

“Wendy and her brothers leave their nursery to join Peter Pan in his adventures in Neverland,” Kilde said. “While they’re there, they will encounter pirates, mermaids, Indians and more than a couple of important life lessons.”

Tickets are $5 each and may be bought from a cast member or at the door.

(Left) Actors perform a scene in “Peter Pan, Jr.” Pictured are kneeling, Lily Snyder; lying down, Reagan Almond; standing, left-right, Amelia Barney, Courtney Nicola, Talaia Ray, Madison Tarlton, Rose Brookshire, Reghan Suhr. (Contributed)

Characters and cast members include:

• Peter Pan – Lily Snyder;

• Tinkerbell – Reagan Almond;

The Fairies

• Iridessa – Madison Tarlton;

• Silvermist – Talia Ray;

• Rosetta – Amelia Barney;

• Fawn – Courtney Nicola;

• Lyria – Reghan Suhr;

• Vidia – Rose Brookshire;

• Wendy Darling – Natalie Niederer;

• John Darling – Lawson Smith;

• Michael Darling – Bailey Brown;

• Mr. Darling – Leah Kilde;

• Mrs. Darling – Victoria Eckman;

• Nana – Megan McLary;

• Captain Hook – Leah Kilde;

• Smee – Silas Almond

The Pirates

• Jukes – Megan McLary

• Flint – Ellie Niederer

• Cookson- Kayleigh Bounds;

• Murphy – Brianna Watson;

• Noodler – Danny Saltzman;

• Skylights – Sydney Mobley;

• The Crocodile – Thea Laws;

The Lost Boys

• Cubby – Thora Kilde;

• Skunk – Reagan Holt;

• Hop – Lilly Todd;

• Fox – Victoria McDonald;

• Raccoon Twins – Landon Kimrey and Heather-Anne Ashby;

• Chief Tiger Bamboo – Thea Laws;

• Tiger Lily – Victoria Eckman;

The Indians

• Ellie Niederer, Danny Saltzman, Sydney Mobley, Kayleigh Bounds, Brianna Watson, Megan McLary;

The Mermaids

• Aquata – Amelia Barney;

• Andrina – Talia Ray;

• Arista – Courtney Nicola;

• Atina – Madison Tarlton;

• Adella – Reghan Suhr;

• Allana – Rose Brookshire.

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