Letter: Don’t believe the hype

Published 3:17 pm Thursday, October 25, 2018

A sales tax hike hits the poorest in our county the hardest, and presenting it under the false premise of better schools is just politics at its worst.

The facts are very simple to understand for anyone. Raising the cost of basic items, which is what a sales tax does, reduces the disposable income for everyone. Those hurt the worst are obviously those with less disposable income than others.

It is simple math.

If tax hikes are needed, do it on real property. The more affluent have real property and therefore more disposable income.

As for the benefit going to “protect the children” — really?

Whatever happen to all that money the Education Lottery was going to send to schools?

Don’t buy into the sales tax hike lie.

Remember, it’s the politicians that are selling it to you.

Donnie Day