Letter: Don’t we all have the right to be wrong now and then?

Published 5:17 pm Friday, October 26, 2018

(Editor’s Note: The writer is referring to a letter and a rebuttal recently published in The Stanly News & Press.)

After reading two recent letters in the SNAP from Mark Wireman, I thought I would offer some information that may shed some light on the debate about the quarter cent sales tax for student safety.

I have lived in Stanly County for nearly 68 years. Mr. Wireman is correct that during my lifetime some of our elected officials have made mistakes and we may have wasted money on some projects that proved to be unwise.

Most of our elected officials (from both parties) have worked for the best interest of Stanly County and our people. Some have proved better than others and in due time the cream has risen to the top.

Bad apples are eventually identified as well. The bottom line is we elect our officials to do a job and we need to give them a chance to do their job. Give them time — and time will tell how successful they are.

Our school board has hired Dr. Jeff James as superintendent of our school system and our Board of Commissioners has hired Andy Lucas as our county manager.

Both gentlemen have my utmost respect and it is my opinion that Stanly County is fortunate to have both on our payroll.

Dr. James has a plan of action to improve our school system. For the first time in my lifetime, all school board members, all county commissioners and all town municipalities have indicated they are in favor of a sales tax that will help fund Dr. James’ plan of action. If this plan was unwise, Mr. Lucas would have certainly suggested options that would prove more effective.

My advice to Mr. Wireman is before you write a third letter and receive a third “F,” I would make an appointment with Dr. James and Mr. Lucas and learn some facts about Stanly County.

Our history, geography, economy and culture may be a bit different than what you are used to in Union County. Mr. Wireman, you are obviously an intelligent man who was probably an asset to Union County.

You may offer much expertise to our county in future months and we should make you feel welcome to the planning table. But for now we have a problem with our school system that will not go away.

Wishing in one hand and not having money in the other will not cut it. We need money now. Are we going to cut bait or fish?

My advice to the citizens of Stanly County is we have several hundred reasons to vote for the tax. The reasons are our children, our grandchildren and our neighbor’s children.

I have heard reasons to not vote for the tax. They are not good reasons, just reasons that are better known as excuses.

My wise old daddy had many sayings: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way;” “Be a part of the solution — not the problem;” “If you do the best you can do, then you will never need to apologize;” “We all make mistakes — but strive to do better;” “If what we have been doing in the past has not worked — try something different.”

A quarter cent sales tax is a step in trying something new that could help our children. Please vote yes for our children.

This is not a scare tactic.

Our children are worth everything that we do for them.

Jim Misenheimer