Doug Creamer Column: God Cares

Published 3:34 pm Tuesday, November 6, 2018

I am not a good reader. I rarely accept recommendations for new books because I read so slowly. That is not to say that I don’t want to hear about your favorite book, I might want to give that author a try. I have a few favorite authors and have some books I would highly recommend. I love a good fictional story, especially one that is fast-paced and has a few twists.

Doug Creamer writes a religion column twice a month for the SNAP.

My reading stays mainly in the Christian fiction, although I have strayed a few times with especially good authors or stories. I have also taken to listening to books while traveling. My wife has gotten me to listen to some authors I may never have considered, but whose stories I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have even listened to several popular fiction writers while driving back and forth to work. If the story is really engaging, I have stayed in the car listening long after I arrive home.

While I prefer fiction, I will read non-fiction. One friend encouraged me to read a gripping book about people who survived unimaginable situations. Naturally, I have read some devotional books through the years. There are a few popular non-fiction authors whose books I have enjoyed.

I am always on the lookout for a new book. I always try to find three or four books to read when school lets out. I normally can’t wait to dive into a good book once the kids have gone home for summer. We recently visited Barnes & Noble, where I thoroughly enjoy walking the aisles looking for something good to read. There was a book in the discount section that grabbed my attention. I picked it up several times because of its catchy title, “God Winks.”

I left the store without the book but couldn’t get the title out of my head. The next day I was looking around Amazon and found the book again. I read a little bit about it, but just couldn’t resist the title. I decided this might make some good lunchtime reading, and I was right. The book contains short stories about people who are going through rough moments, who receive a sign from heaven that God is with them. Some may want to write these moments off as coincidence, but the author strongly disagrees.

The author contends that God is watching over us, and when we are in a very difficult moment or struggling with a loss in our life, God will send us a reassurance from heaven that we are not alone. The stories are short, fun, and enjoyable, making for great lunchtime reading. I believe that God is actively involved in our lives, and have received many winks from heaven to let me know that He is right here beside me.

I have also had the high privilege and honor of being the one to give others an encouraging word from heaven. I believe God whispers a name in our spirit so we can pray for those who are struggling. I also believe He will encourage us to call or write a note to someone who is in the heat of the battle and needing to know they are not alone. A simple word from heaven can lift our burdens and give us the courage to carry on.

Life is not easy. Each of us has a story filled with difficult moments, ones that might cause us to want to give up. That’s when that encouraging word is critical to our survival. God knows how to stir people up to pray, call, or just happen by at just the right moment. We all need to know we are not alone, because the devil is working overtime trying to convince us we are.

I believe God wants to use you to encourage others. There is someone you know who needs you. They are struggling and God is putting them on your heart. He wants to use you to give them hope. Hope is one of God’s most powerful weapons, that can help us overcome insurmountable odds. Faith, hope, and love can sustain a weary spirit through the most difficult times.

I want to encourage you to take action on being an encourager for God. If you are willing, God will open doors that you never imagined. You might be surprised who might need that little boost from you today. The simple acknowledgement that you are standing with someone may be all they need to get back up and fight. We all fight seemingly overwhelming battles; you might be just the one to help someone be the overcomer they were meant to be.

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