Letter to the Editor: Reconsider your view on solar farms

Published 6:01 pm Sunday, November 18, 2018

In response to “Our View,” Nov 15, in the Stanly News and Press:

Yes, what a puzzling situation about Mr. Lawhon’s remarks about not wanting Stanly County to be the solar capital of N.C.

With what is known of the science and the very personal experiences of people all over the world who are now feeling the effects of climate change, among many other reasons, you would think that this county would be reaching out to businesses of all kinds that are promoting clean, renewable energy.

Every farmer in this county will tell you, if he/she is honest, that we are seeing and feeling the effects of the climate warming, the soil either very dry or too wet from drought or “rain bombs,” the seasons changing, etc. Every insurance company will tell you that they are having to pay out millions, if not billions, to people in flooded or fire or drought zones stemming from the warming climate.

We went to the county commissioners some years ago to encourage, to beg, actually, the county and economic planners to reach out to the myriad of businesses associated with clean, renewable energy. We even arranged for a large composting corporation looking for a county like ours to come talk with our economic planners, but they were met with silence. Now that was a puzzle.

Having had experience with our seven-year solar panel system, along with our solar thermal hot water system, and now an all-electric car, we can say with certainty that these forward-looking systems not only work and are also a joy to have/drive.

For the health of our community — human health, environmental health and economic well-being — we ask Mr. Lawhon and all who might be thinking in that vein, to reconsider.

Ron and Nancy Bryant
3 Eagles Sanctuary