McKenzie Horne: Sharing the importance of E-weeks

Published 10:49 am Wednesday, November 21, 2018

During enrichment weeks, students at Gray Stone Day School have the opportunity to branch out from the traditional classroom setting and participate in various activities to learn about topics that interest them.

At Gray Stone, this opportunity is known as Enrichment week, but is referred to as E-week.

“E-weeks” are full of activities that are both engaging and educational to students.

McKenzie Horne is a student at Gray Stone Day School.

“E-Weeks are a time for students to explore topics that are not normally part of the curriculum,” principal Jeff Morris. “Some of these are activity based and some are more academic in nature. It is a time when students can explore a topic and learn for the sake of learning rather than focusing on earning the grade.”

Throughout the academic school year, there are a total of two Enrichment weeks, one per semester.

Instead of participating in their regular classes, students are engaged in classes or activities relating to their topic of interest, such as sign language, Latin dance, video production, hiking and more.

Student Ella Hedenskog participated in a stress relief class for her two-day activity.

Mia Huckabee participated in a bathroom chemistry class where she made bath soaps.

Ella traveled to the zoo to learn about animal behavior during her three-day E-week.

At the same time, Parker McSwain, learned auto mechanics during his three-day E-week.

“I think this gives students the opportunity to explore topics in a less stressful environment,” Morris said. “It allows them to try things they may not normally try. I also think it provides students with a break from their regular course load.”

Students at Gray Stone always look forward to E-weeks, as they get to experience new opportunities of learning.

Students of all grade levels enjoy participating in E-weeks.

A freshman at Gray Stone, Brooke Boger experienced E-week for the first time.

“My first E-week at Gray Stone showed me there were many educational options to choose from,” she said. “I think E-weeks are important, because it gives students a break and a time to de-stress.”

Emily Griffin is a senior at Gray Stone; therefore, she has experienced many different E-weeks.

“It’s a complete break from school work and a good stress reliever for high school students,” she said. “Enrichment week gives students a mental break, and prepares them for the rest of the semester. It also perks the interests in students and allows them to gain skills and obtain knowledge that they might not get in a traditional classroom setting. My favorite E-week has been animal behavior.”

Since E-weeks have many benefits, students of all grade levels enjoy learning and participating in new activities.

Students have the opportunity to be fully engrossed in topics or activities of their choice to explore new aspects of learning and expand their knowledge.

Gray Stone Day School gives students a chance to learn about topics that are considered nontraditional in the high school setting.

Exploring new aspects of learning expands a student’s knowledge.

McKenzie Horne is a student at Gray Stone Day School.