Stanly dentist receives honor

Published 10:33 am Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Dr. Mindy Turner, pediatric dentist with the Stanly County Dental Clinic, was honored at the North Carolina Public Health Association annual meeting this month.

She was awarded the Individual Recognition Award from GlaxoSmithKline Foundation which recognized her contributions to improving the health of children in Stanly County.

“We are fortunate to have someone of Dr. Turner’s skill and passion lead our dental clinic,” said Dave Jenkins, health and human services director. “She is very deserving of this award for her tireless work serving the dental needs of our children in Stanly County.”

Turner has served the children of Stanly County as a dentist with the Stanly County Dental Clinic since its inception – April 15, 2002. She left for two years (2003-2005) to earn her pediatric dentistry credentials.

Turner does not limit her care for our children’s dental needs to the dental clinic setting. She has written and received several Duke Endowment grants to provide preventive dental care for children in the public school setting.

Turner collaborated with Stanly County public school nurses to place sealants on all second and third graders enrolled in Stanly County Schools for the past three years.

Turner just received an additional Duke Endowment grant to provide sealants on middle school age children, grades sixth and seventh, attending Stanly County public schools.

Turner, also, partners with many other community programs/agencies and health care providers to promote oral health education and reduce childhood tooth decay.

“Good oral health is very important for children to achieve their potential. Healthy teeth and gums allow children to eat foods without pain, so they grow up healthy. It allows them to concentrate and learn in school,” said Turner. “Good oral health is a game changer for a better life for our children.”

Turner’s professional skills are not only appreciated in Stanly County.
In addition to being the pediatric dentist and running the clinic, Turner is an adjunct professor at UNC-Chapel Hill Dental School and serves as preceptor for the UNC-Dentistry in Service to Communities Program, providing a clinical site for dental students and dental hygiene students.

“Our dental clinic serves all children through 18 years of age,” said Jenkins. “Go to our website for more information about our dental clinic or call 704-986-3845 to make an appointment.”