AMS 8th graders teach East, Central about Christmas Around The World

Published 11:17 am Sunday, December 23, 2018

Albemarle Middle School’s eighth grade spent Tuesday morning teaching students of all ages about Christmas in 24 countries.

Students spent time researching and preparing written research and presentations on various countries around the world.

While inside their project preparation, students read complex informational texts. The information learned from the text was then applied to creating a research paper, a displayed project board and an oral presentation.

Students presented their projects to all of the students at AMS along with East Albemarle and Central elementary students.

(Contributed) Albemarle Middle School speech therapist Kendra Allison, right, prepares for a presentation on Sweden by Katie Doby, left.

While touring the projects in the lobby area and main hall at AMS, students could be heard discussing in detail what they had learned about a particular country.

The students that attended seemed interested in all the projects. Some could be seen taking notes on what they were learning.

Jaime Whitley, a fifth grade teacher at East, had her class come to the Christmas Around The World Fair with clipboards and materials to take notes on what they were learning from the eighth graders.

Teaching this project was an eighth grade team collaborative effort which included Jason Smith (ELA), Shawn Graeff (social studies), Sandy Brown (science), and Staci Davis (math and Math 1).