RRC, YVC announce selections for All-Conference teams

Published 3:40 pm Monday, December 24, 2018

A number of Stanly football players were named to their school’s respective 2018 All-Conference teams for the Rocky River and Yadkin Valley conferences.

Rocky River Conference

The following players from West Stanly received honors from the RRC.

All-Conference: Jordan Poole, Cody Guyette, Dalton Hatley, Jaquan Ingram, Nick Parker, Lukas Scott, Hunter Stoker.

Honorable Mention: Drake Cullingford, Daniel Hansen, Koltyn Hatley, Travis Wilson.

Yadkin Valley Conference

The following players were named to the All-YVC teams from Stanly schools.


Linemen:  Zach Bryant (Albemarle), Drew Aldridge (North Stanly), Tyler Greene (North Stanly), Jacob Parker (North Stanly).

Receivers:  L.J. Rush (North Stanly).

Running Backs:  Eli McCall (Albemarle), Cameron Davis (North Stanly).

Place Kicker:  Addison Cord (North Stanly).

Special Teams Returner:  Colby Russell (North Stanly).

Honorable Mention: Bailey Baker (North Stanly).

Offensive Player of the Year:  D.J. Rhone (North Stanly)


Linemen:   C.J. Clark (North Stanly), Garrett Clark (North Stanly), Wes Reynolds (North Stanly), Jitavis Huntley (South Stanly).

Linebackers:  Adrian Little (Albemarle), Joey Dorko (South Stanly).

Backs:  Cameron Davis (North Stanly), L.J. Rush (North Stanly), Luke Morton (South Stanly).

Co-Defensive Player of the Year:  Drew Little (North Stanly)

Honorable Mention: Brandon Christian (Albemarle).

Coach of the Year:  Ryan Ochier (South Stanly).