Company presents streaker challenge

Published 3:34 pm Saturday, December 29, 2018

Want to be a Vac & Dash streaker?

The Albemarle-based company is offering the opportunity for individuals who run at least a mile each day during 2019 to become a member of the 4th Vac & Dash Streaker Club Team.

Anyone is eligible to participate.

Individuals can run on either the roads, a track, trails or on a treadmill.

One question always comes up, says Vac & Dash owner Peter Asciutto.

“Do you have to run the mile consecutively without stopping?”

Use your judgement, he says.

Example, if one is out and running a mile, and their shoe lace becomes undone, it’s OK to stop and tie the shoe. The same goes for traffic. If one is running and has to stop for a car before continuing on the run, that’s OK.

Complete the challenge and earn a Vac & Dash Streaker Club sweatshirt and medal, Asciutto says.

Registration is $30 by midnight Tuesday and $35 from Wednesday to Jan. 15.

For those not wishing to run, the Vac & Dash Virtual Walk Across North Carolina Challenge is available.

Walk from Murphy to Manteo during 2019. Individuals can make the 545-mile journey by averaging less than 2 miles a day.

Asciutto says it is easy by keeping track of the miles one walks in 2019, whether it be on the street, on a track, on a treadmill or on a trail.

At the end of each month, one can log in to their monthly miles on a Vac & Dash google spreadsheet.

For runners, there is the Vac & Dash Virtual Run Across North Carolina Challenge.

It is similar to the Walk Across North Carolina Challenge, except only running miles count.

Registration is $30 for both the walking and running challenges. Entry fee includes a T-shirt. Anyone completing the challenge will receive a medal.

Register for any of the above events at Vac & Dash or register online at

Call 704-983-3274 for more details.