OUR VIEW: City, county cooperation key

Published 9:09 pm Friday, January 18, 2019

There has been lots of celebration, hope and optimism about the future of Albemarle this week as Pfeiffer University broke ground on a new Health and Science building projected to have a $136 million economic impact to the city.

But it is clear that the building and the optimism we are feeling about the future of this town would not be possible if the leadership of the city and county had not cooperated and struck a deal allowing Pfeiffer to purchase the land at the five-points intersection where they wanted to place the building.

It is rare for a city and county to have a good enough working relationship that they can pull off a complex deal of swapping land, moving a museum and making everyone a winner.

The county commissioners rightly understand that a strong, vibrant Albemarle is crucial to a strong, vibrant Stanly County. Too many times cities and counties let past disagreements or politics cloud their vision of what a future with a cooperative, healthy partnership can bring. Territory lines are drawn, growth is stunted and everyone loses.

In this era where Albemarle appears to be quickly reinventing itself, it’s crucial this current spirit of cooperation be maintained.

During his State of Albemarle address to the Rotary Club last week, Albemarle Mayor Ronnie Michael presented an ambitious agenda that included a corporate park, new housing options for seniors and more downtown living options.
Albemarle is on the move. Things are happening. The key is to keep this momentum, maintain the cooperation between our city and county leaders and keep moving forward at a rapid pace to reinvent Albemarle.