Larry Hunter Column: Warmer temps stir desire to fish

Published 2:29 pm Friday, February 8, 2019

I’m off to a late start here in 2019. With all the weather issues, excessive water/mud in our lakes, and, of course, starting those new year’s resolutions, I’ve just been too busy to put my fingers on the keyboard.

I have not fished recently myself, but I have talked to some of my contacts and while things are not completely dead, there is much to lament this year.

Larry Hunter

Most of the talk seems to be centered on the ever changing weather and the continued muddy water that the majority of area lakes are cursed with. While similar circumstances happen every year here in Stanly County, this year seems to have the worst conditions in my memory. Of course, my memory is not that good anymore.

Cold, windy and muddy waters have caused most species to simply stop biting. The one exception I have heard about is with catfish. Live bait fished fairly deep will catch flathead catfish in cold weather. This is what I’m told. If I can personally verify this I’ll let you guys know.

Today, as I write this it’s looking like several days of warm weather are in the works. This is already drawing me toward the lake. Sixty degrees, sunny and with little wind just might get me there. News to follow, good or bad. I’d like to catch a big cat to start my fishing year off right.

Other species, crappie, bass, pan fish, all seem to be hard to find and harder to get on the hook. This brief warm spell may wake them up and fill some coolers. Let me know if you get that lunker. Send a picture.

Fishin’ Tip of the Week: I did some research about upcoming fishing/hunting rules that will affect us during 2019. There are rule changes for all of our state which will impact anglers who travel to other areas to fish.

There are some specific rules that apply to our Pee Dee River waters including Badin and Tillery specifically. I won’t attempt to explain these rules, but we all need to know that the rules are not incorporated yet and the open comments time is still in effect.

You can just Google North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Let’s pray for warmer weather and good fishing.

Thanks and Good Fishin’.

Larry Hunter contributes a fishing column for The Stanly News & Press.