Local family pushes champions to sudden death on ‘Family Feud’

Published 10:06 pm Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Eudy family of Locust had the “Family Feud” champions the Browns up against the ropes in an episode that aired Tuesday night.

The challengers took the team from New York to the limit, only to lose in a one-answer sudden death round.

The Eudys lost the right to play first in the first three rounds, but when the Browns failed to provide all the answers, the Eudys recovered.
When asked to “name a place that would go out of business if men disappeared from the planet,” they correctly guessed barbershop to take the early lead.

“Name something a hospital patient might quietly hide when a nurse enters a room” was the second question. After the Browns failed to finish the round, the Eudys answered with “body” to keep the lead.

The third-round question and right to play first was also won by the Browns, but the Eudys won the round by guessing “high heels” for the clue, “As a punishment in Hell, name something the women there would be forced to wear.”

After winning the first three rounds of points, the Eudys answered correctly to win the right to play first on the fourth question, “Name something a person may use to cover bald spots.” But when they couldn’t finish the game off, the Browns rallied to send the game into sudden death.

One hundred women were asked to answer, “Name an animal that seems to be more affectionate than most men.”

Justin Eudy of Stanfield stepped up to the buzzer and chimed in first.

“Cat,” he replied.

He was wrong.

The Browns won the right to play “Fast Money” on the answer of “dog.”

Ashley Eudy said it was funny to watch herself on TV.

“I had no idea I did spirit fingers so many times,” she said. “I thought we looked sharp and played a good game. It was a blast.”