Miss Stanly Outstanding Teen shares bullying platform

Published 4:14 pm Thursday, February 14, 2019

Miss Stanly County Outstanding Teen 2019 Cassidy Stoltenburg gave a presentation on bullying at Millingport Elementary School Feb. 6.

For part of the presentation students had paper hearts that started out new and smooth but then they had to be folded every time the students mentioned an act of bullying.

Then when discussing a way one could stop students from being bullied or help someone who is being bullied, students unfolded the paper hearts to be left with a crinkled heart.

The crinkled heart signified how the act of bullying leaves a lasting impression on the person being bullied.

Other activities that took place were a book being read about bullying and a paper chain created by students with ways to stop bullying written on them.

Students also recited a pledge that they would not bully other students and they would help students they knew were being bullied.

After the presentation students enjoyed getting to ask Stoltenburg questions about her reign as Miss Stanly County Outstanding Teen 2019.