Counselor speaks of duties at Gray Stone

Published 2:26 pm Sunday, February 17, 2019

Anna Allred-McGee is the high school counselor at Gray Stone Day School.

This school year, she has made a tremendous effort to provide support for Gray Stone students and parents.

She is a great addition to the Gray Stone community, as she focuses on the needs of students while also keeping parents informed.

Allred-McGee said she “enjoys meeting our students and supporting them during stressful and difficult times, as well as celebrating their accomplishments.”

McKenzie Horne is a student at Gray Stone Day School.

From offering programs that support students socially, emotionally and academically, Allred- McGee is busy focusing on the well-being of students.

Allred-McGee, Jessica Roney (middle grades counselor) and Sarah Ince (college counselor) collaborate to offer programs that meet the needs of Gray Stone students.

An example of programs offered are peer tutoring and Career Day. These programs cater to students who need additional academic help in certain areas and expand student’s understanding of career opportunities.

Recently, Allred- McGee held parent meetings to offer support for parents and students.

“The goal is to ensure that students, parents and the school personnel are all on the same team,” Allred-McGee said. “I believe that students are most successful and feel most supported when parents are an integral part of the education process.”

For the remainder of the school year, Allred-McGee plans to “continue working closely with students to support them in academic skill areas.”

“Time management, test-taking strategies and study skills are just a few of the tips I will be focusing on,” she added.

Allred-McGee will continue to help students dealing with social issues or concerns at home. Additionally, she focuses on student exam preparation and ensuring seniors meet graduation requirements.

“My goal is to also serve as an advocate for students and to collaborate with teachers, parents and school personnel to ensure that student needs are met,” she said.

McKenzie Horne is a student at Gray Stone Day School.