Doug Creamer Column: Music and words

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Have you ever gotten a tune stuck in your head? Sometimes advertising tunes are so catchy I find myself humming or even whistling their tune. “I wish I were an Oscar…” Oh no! It’s started, now I’m stuck the rest of the night singing and humming that tune.

Its better when we can get a song stuck playing in our heads; especially a Christian song or maybe a hymn. When the words that go with the music can edify and lift us up, then maybe it’s a good thing when we are whistling a tune. Some songs, especially those we sing at church, can carry with them a powerful and inspiring message.

Doug Creamer writes a religion column twice a month for the SNAP.

Music plays an important role in all our lives. The music we listened to when we grew up will always be important to us. During the last couple of workdays at school before summer vacation, I often play some of the music from my youth. I will pop a Bob Seger, Christopher Cross or James Taylor CD in and let it rip. It’s familiar. The words and tunes come back to me quickly and I can find myself singing along.

I tell my students that the songs they listen to now are important. The songs and music of our youth will always speak to us. This is why I tell them to choose wisely what they listen to because they will always remember the songs from their teenage years. I bet you can take any retired individual and start to play music from their youth and they will immediately remember the words, even if they haven’t heard them for years. Those songs stick way down in our soul.

That’s why I believe it’s critical to consider what you are listening to now. If the words and tunes are disparaging, discouraging and encouraging wrong choices, then they could lead your thinking down similar paths. If what you are listening to encourages and builds you up, then your mind will be led to believe good things about yourself. Doubt, fear and discouragement are looking for a place to live and music can help them find a home in your heart. But I want to believe that I am an overcomer, that I can lead the Christian life that the Bible tells me is possible. Therefore, I want to choose music that reinforces those beliefs.

Some people believe that certain kinds of music are evil. I disagree. I have heard some rappers and country music singers who preach a better message than some pastors. It’s the words that are so critical, not necessarily the music. The music from some hymns came from barroom songs that someone converted to Christian lyrics.

I’ve had friends send me links to music. When I listen, I am focused on the words. The message of the song is so important to me. Do the words instill faith and challenge me to a closer walk with the Lord? The music may not be my style, but the words can infect me with hope, grace and the love of God. Those are the kinds of infections that we want to run wild in us.

Many people are concerned about the words and music that your kids or grandkids are playing. Instead of trying to change the style of music they like, find musicians who play that music but magnify the Lord. They exist. Helping them connect to positive and encouraging music might put them on a path that leads to the Lord.

Music has a powerful and profound effect on us. It can change our thinking, our attitudes, and even our beliefs. I find myself hungry to be in God’s presence, and music has the power to transport me right to His throne. Music has the power to remind me of the goodness of God. Music can convince my mind to become the overcomer God wants me to be. Music can change my moods and encourage me. It can put a smile on my face. Music can make my feet dance and cause me to lift my hands in worship and surrender to Jesus.

I want to encourage you to consider carefully the music you are listening to and the words you are allowing your mind to meditate on. Words and music are powerful forces that can change your thinking and the direction of your life. They can impact your beliefs and change your destiny. Remember, it isn’t always the kind of music, but the message behind the tune that is so critical. So put on some music, relax, and allow the tune to lift your spirit to new heights.

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