Norwood receives update on water project

Published 4:04 pm Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Interim Town Administrator Ray Allen has presented an update to Norwood commissioners on the Yadkin Regional Water Supply Project.
On Monday night, Allen reported to commissioners on matters regarding the pumping of water between Lake Tillery and Union County.
“In the initial plans for the pipeline, no provision was made for a backup generator to power pumps on the Norwood end of the line,” said Allen, who noted Union County would install such a generator on its end.
“A portable generator was first suggested for the Norwood side, but after discussing the options, a decision was made to install valves that would make it possible for water to continue to be pumped from the Norwood end using water power generated from Union’s end,” he said.
“We would also have the capability of connecting to a portable generator on our end should there be problems on the Union end,” added Allen.
Commissioner Wes Hartsell followed with a video presentation illustrating how much water the project will use from Lake Tillery, what the project means for Norwood and what customers could expect should a drought occur.
He invited those with questions to view the video online at
Commissioners also discussed the naming of the newly-formed street behind the Center Rural Volunteer Fire Department building, between Anson Avenue and West Turner Street.
The board planned to name the street in honor of former town employee Chris Coone, who died in an automobile accident in 2017.
“The naming of a street or road using first and last name is not permitted,” advised Allen, noting Stanly County prohibits such naming to prevent confusion between similarly-named venues during dispatch of emergency services.
Commissioner Robbie Cohen proposed that the street bear Coone’s surname only.
“We could place a sign or memorial at the ends of the street to honor him,” he said.
After a short discussion, commissioners voted unanimously to name the street “Coone Way.”
Allen, along with Mayor Harold Thompson, reported on a meeting in which they, Town Clerk Kelly Caudle and Town Finance Officer Carmen Salmon met with representatives from the N.C. League of Municipalities to discuss best practices for operations.
“One of the recommendations is that we consider closing Town Hall one day a week in order to allow our staff some uninterrupted work time,” said Thompson.
“This is a common practice in towns with small staffs,” added Allen.
After discussion, , the board voted unanimously to close Town Hall to the public on Wednesdays, beginning next week, except when Wednesday falls on utility bill deadlines.