LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Food for thought

Published 6:06 pm Saturday, April 20, 2019

I was disappointed to hear that one of our Downtown Albemarle businesses, Tiffany’s at the Boardroom, was passed over for a second time to provide meals for Stanly County’s senior citizens through the Meals on Wheels program.

To my understanding, it is not owner Tiffany Dahle’s qualifications that shut her business out of the contract, but a matter of price. As one who works for local government, I understand the importance of being a good steward of tax dollars, but what other factors were considered?

The bid was awarded to Golden Corral of Lexington, which according to Google maps is at least 52 minutes from Downtown Albemarle. By the time meals are dropped off, then delivered to seniors across Stanly County, how fresh are they going to be? Will quality be sacrificed for our most vulnerable population to save less than 20 cents per meal?

How will Davidson County benefit from the money that Stanly County will be paying a Lexington-based eatery as opposed to the revenue staying in our local economy?

In my four years serving the Albemarle Downtown Development Corporation, I have found Tiffany’s at the Boardroom owner Tiffany Dahle to be dedicated not only to her business, but to her family, her staff and her community.

Ms. Dahle makes a constant effort to utilize her special event facility in a way that brings life to our downtown by hosting activities such as Open Mic Night and Comedy Zone shows featuring nationally-known comedians.

My hope is that the community will continue to support Tiffany’s at the Boardroom and our other locally-owned businesses to build a stronger downtown, and a stronger Stanly.

Joy Almond,
Albemarle Downtown
Development Corporation