Letter to the Editor: Be aware of ‘property assessment’ scams

Published 7:09 pm Saturday, May 11, 2019

Please be aware of solicitations wanting to provide you with a “Property Assessment Profile.”
Property Profile Inc. (and other similar names) offers to get the property owner a current deed and property assessment profile for a fee of $83 (sometimes the amount varies).

This “RECORDED DEED NOTICE” looks official and states that you need this in order to provide evidence that you own your property. It also has a respond by date with your parcel ID number.

The Better Business Bureau has received complaints for not receiving the promised documents to misleading information; and of those filed, some have not been resolved. Many are first-time home buyers and do not know the process for buying real estate. Previously, this company targeted new home owners but this latest notice being sent states the person has recently purchased real estate, when in fact their home has been in the family for generations. They also seem to be targeting older individuals.

I spoke to the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office and it is aware of this situation and it asked if you receive one of these mailings, or if you paid money to this company in response to the mailing, to contact the North Carolina Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Division. If it gets enough responses it will be able to take further steps to stop these mailings and take it to the next level.

All deeds for property in Stanly County are recorded and maintained at the Register of Deeds Office, and only the Registrar’s Office can issue certified copies of these records, which are legally equivalent to the original. At the time of recording, the original deed is returned directly to the owner or to their attorney upon processing.

Please know you do not need a copy of your deed to prove ownership. Your recorded deed will always be here in this office and if you ever need a copy you can come to the Stanly County Register of Deeds Office and purchase your deed for $0.25 per page or you can go online at www.stanlyrod.net and print your deed from home at no cost.

If anyone has questions, call me, or if you would like to bring the notice you received into the office we will be glad to forward it the Attorney General’s Office. My phone number is 704-986-3640.

Suzanne Lowder,
Stanly County
Register of Deeds