FISHIN’ STANLY: The new normal

Published 10:17 am Friday, June 21, 2019

By Larry Hunter, for the SNAP

It seems that each year we all expect May to be a bit cooler and then June will bring out some pretty hot weather but not too much.

As I write this it’s 94 outside and just a few days ago a record low was set for June here in Stanly County. This may be the new “normal”.

It’s been pretty hard on anglers this year. Hard to find nice weather to fish in. Hard to find fish with the erratic conditions. Fortunately it appears that things are more stable now and while it will likely be very hot, at least things should be relatively consistent for the next month or so.

I predict a hot, muggy summer. No surprise there. Gotta love that Farmers’ Almanac.

My contacts indicate that really big cats (40 lb.) and bass (>6 lbs) have been caught in most area lakes. On the slower side have been crappie and other panfish.

Bass baits have varied from rattle baits to the old standby, rubber worms. Many anglers indicated that this season rubber worms have been their best bet for the bigger bass.

Catfish, being very consistent, have continued to bite small bream, shad, and large cut baits. If you can find that hole you worked last summer, go there.

Panfish (bream, sunfish, shellcrackers) are biting pretty much as normal. Many are still bedding so patience is the order of the day. Those bank favorites will be at it in force very soon. The stained water has slowed things down at many fishing spots.

Albemarle’s City Lake, remaining pretty clear this years, is a place to try. If you’re canoe or kayak fan go to the upper end of the lake near the Hwy 73 bridge for some pretty good bass action, or so I’m told. I promised to keep that a secret so mum’s the word.

Looking ahead to the next couple of weeks. I see more of the same. Hot, muggy, and often stormy in the evening. In other words, good ole North Carolina weather. This should be accompanied by some of our good fishing.

Fishin’ Tip of the Week: Go early. Very Early. Daybreak early. Six o’clock. Fish shaded shadow lines as the sun rises. Stay cool and Hydrate. Take a kid, they’re out of school now. Leave a few for me and I’ll see you on the lake.

Thanks and Good Fishin’.