SCC receives grant for research

Published 10:20 am Tuesday, July 30, 2019


The National Science Foundation has awarded Stanly Community College a grant for $300,000 to conduct research during the next three years for a project titled “Collaborative: Multi-state Community College, University and Industry Collaboration to Prepare Learners for 21st Century Information Technology Jobs.”

The project will develop new learning material covering essential IT domains, including stackable credentials, and a pathway from secondary to two-year to four-year institutions.

In addition, it will deploy a distributed cloud to support IT domains with hands-on training activities and increase the capacity for IT education at high school, community college and university levels in the Carolinas.

The grant project will develop an internship program to satisfy employment demand and strengthen college-employer relations.

“On behalf of Stanly Community College, we are thrilled to have been awarded grant funding from the National Science Foundation,” SCC President Dr. John Enamait said. “Words cannot express how much I appreciate the effort that went into this project. Our faculty and staff are among the best in the nation. The NSF grant will better position SCC to address the IT workforce needs in a practical, efficient, and unified manner.”

Brian Crump, IT Network Management program head at SCC, will spearhead the project in collaboration with the University of South Carolina.

“We will now be able to offer our IT students new opportunities and create pathways for career success from the high school level to the associate level and beyond,” he said.

The grant project will impact thousands of students from institutions that have no access to equipment for a hands-on education.

It will also cultivate an economic impact by developing an internship program to facilitate the entrance of technicians and technologists into the workforce.

The project will connect with more than 140 institutions currently supported by SCC and the Network Development Group online network, which has provided courses to more than 400,000 learners worldwide.

“What a wonderful opportunity for our students,” Jessica Smith, SCC foundation operations and grant coordinator, said. “The NSF grant-funded activities will give our IT students practical skills and experience, help them envision various careers and motivate them to continue their education.”

The grant project continues through June 2022.

For more information, contact Jessica Smith at 704-991-0192 or