LETTER: School board should make changes

Published 9:49 pm Saturday, August 10, 2019

I must applaud Mayor Ronnie Michael for noting that Albemarle High is and has been struggling for years.

Recent attempts have resulted in low scores on the ACT test, a high percentage of students are categorized as economically disadvantaged, enrollment is down another from four years ago and teacher retention is a continuing problem.

Attempts to change, such as making Albemarle a magnet school or consolidation. have never been attempted. How can you justify two high schools no more than roughly five miles apart with different diversity?

Why not at least have some consolidation to have student numbers enough to offer diverse courses, improve athletics and improve the quality of education being offered?

Change is essential to success. Hopefully our school board will recognize these shortfalls and do what is necessary for our students and parents.

I graduated from Albemarle High and hope that through some actual change — magnet, consolidation or something — improvement can be accomplished.

While unrelated, Dr. Mike Walden’s column on the national debt was excellent (July 27-28). Current revenues should cover current expenses.

He again clearly notes the size of the national debt and interest costs on it.

Benny Bowers