LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let Dr. James do his job

Published 9:33 am Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Let’s hope the issue of school consolidation doesn’t get the same treatment as the middle school issue did several years ago.

The conversion to middle schools was staring the “powers to be” in the face as the consolidation issue is today.

Hopefully we don’t have repeat performances of backward, non-progressive thinking that stalled making the middle school a reality in Stanly County, specifically in the western part of the county.

The last I heard, West Stanly Middle School is a highly, highly successful middle school.

It’s too bad when a few select people hide behind personal agendas, political positioning and making ridiculous cause and effect relationships, that are inaccurate at best, that keep us from becoming a progressive school system and moving forward.

We presently have a superintendent that was previously a key player in Montgomery County as they researched, studied and implemented school consolidation in our neighboring county.

Instead of waiting for someone (Who?) to come forward and present a plan, allow our superintendent who is making a six-figure-plus salary to do his job.

It’s silly to wait for somebody to show up at a board meeting and present a plan.

You already have somebody very capable sitting in the room with you a couple of seats away that could drive the consolidation issue in the right direction.

This issue is not going away and it’s time to listen and take appropriate action.

Bud Smith, Oakboro councilman,
former West Stanly High School principal