Letter to the Editor: Get trained, get a gun

Published 7:53 pm Saturday, September 7, 2019

As many scream “do something” to our government, I am more convinced that every American should be armed and ready to put a stop to those who do mass shootings and terrorism.

Get trained, become informed, get a permit and carry a small, concealed weapon.

The Second Amendment is a perfect solution to random, mass murder. Our founding fathers did something, but Americans got complacent and lazy and have allowed our responsibility to fall solely on law enforcement.

There is an erroneous premise from the left: Removing the right to bear arms will remove guns from mass shooters and criminals.

This is very ill-thought out. Laws don’t stop criminals. They guide the obedient and provide for clear reasoning in punishing criminals.

Another premise is that giving the government more regulatory authority would allow the Second Amendment to remain intact.

This changes the ownership of firearms from an inalienable right to a permission.

Placing your firearms into the hands of the very thing (government) you police is foolish.

The premises are naive and demonstrate that our sheltered culture has no idea how the world works.

Be responsible, be safe and defend your homeland. It’s the duty of every American.

Bryan Maples