LETTER TO THE EDITOR: James needs to reach out to community

Published 4:44 pm Thursday, September 12, 2019

This is rebuttal to the article “Superintendent comments on Trump flag issue.”

Mr. James stated that there’s wasn’t an infraction of school rules or policy, but what he forgot to mention is that the administrators, principal and athletic director are not people of color who live in Stanly County, not students of color who have been subjected to the vitriol of other students who feel they won.

Also, the like doesn’t have live in an America where the president spews hate, represents or displays ideals of xenophobia.

Also, the young man [in the video] stated that they needed to knock some heads when they get to school for Trump.

Nothing happened to this student?

Looking at the school policy after the fact isn’t going to change anything unless you come out of your ivory tower and govern and engage in true community action.

What that looks like, Mr. James, is reaching out to the community of black and brown leadership, ask students of color their viewpoint on the matter and create concrete policy that benefits all students, not just the ones that look like you.

Finally, your responsibility as administrator, Mr. James, is to educate students on how to be better community members, create change that impacts the community and to help students become college ready or work ready — not to sweep something under the rug (status quo in many black people’s eyes) and do your job.

Marcus LeGrand,
North Stanly graduate
Bend, Ore.