LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Do not let outsiders ruin Stanly County

Published 9:36 am Friday, September 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: Jennifer Moxley, a former reporter for The Stanly News & Press, posted a version of this on her Facebook page. Moxley, who now owns Sunshine Media Network, where she does video production and has worked for national news outlets such as Fox News, Fox Business News, MSNBC, ABC and CNN, has allowed us to reprint it here.

Stanly County friends, I understand there’s a gathering at 6 tonight surrounding the NSHS banner photo.

Focus on how you’re the same, not different, how Stanly is your home you all must protect.

We’ve all eaten at Goody Shop. We’ve all hiked Morrow Mountain. We’ve all cheered for Kellie Pickler and knew her when she roller-skated at Sonic cause you were addicted to the Cherry Limeade. We’ve all had a kid at YMCA camp. We’ve all fought to keep our Harris Teeter. We’ve all celebrated a birthday at El Ranchito. We’ve all cheered for West, North, Albemarle and South football. We’ve all walked around Badin festivals eating sno cones.

Many of us fought for our elementary schools to stay.

Remember the one ABC store in Norwood? Now going to Wal-Mart on Friday night is a real option. We’ve celebrated 24-27 being four lanes, heard our names called on the radio by Leon Warren when it was our birthday, raised money for United Way through Michelin, Alcoa, Preformed Line, Stanly Knitting, Bank of Stanly, Stanly County Schools, Uwharrie Bank and more, ate a surprisingly delicious meal at Stanly Memorial cafeteria because the staff is great there, walked through Downtown Christmas, got Krispy Kreme doughnuts after your kids’ Christmas play at the Agri Civic Center. We’ve all gotten stuck behind a Clayton or Oakwood home on 52 and can’t decide to pass or drive slowly, got a hug from David Hinson when you rang the Fresh House bell, reunited with friends at the Oakboro Fourth, celebrated the day Chick Fil A actually came true and wasn’t a rumor, and spent a beautiful fall night at the Badin Road Drive In.

Stanly County is home.

Don’t let outsiders come into the county, stir up trouble, position you against each other, get you on national news and then leave.

Are our church leaders bringing the community together?

Are our school leaders bringing the community together? All our kids go to school together.

Are our law enforcement bringing the community together?

All of us see them, went to school with them and call on them when we are in need.

Look across the country and see the examples of good communities that became the center of bad situations, violence, hatred, because they didn’t pause to find similarities and let outsiders throw fuel on their differences.