ROGER THOMAS REVIEW: An animated film reminiscent of a snow creature from decades before

Published 9:11 am Thursday, October 17, 2019

Throughout many years boys and girls have watched “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” on television. That holiday story that first aired in 1964 focused mainly on Rudolph with the lighting nostrils. Rudolph’s friends were an elf named Hermey and a gold miner named Yukon Cornelius.

That story is one that needs to be seen each year with families.

Roger Thomas

Why are we considering “Rudolph” in October?

There is a new film in theaters that has a character in it that looks a lot like another character in “Rudolph.” For some people that character is the best one in the 55-year-old Christmas story.

In the old “Rudolph” there was a creature that looked like a big white gorilla. The residents of the North Pole were frightened by what they called “The Bumble.”

Now there is another creature. This one is in the theaters across the nation, and it is quite similar to the 55-year-old “Abominable Snow Monster of the North” in the television special.

The film and the beast are titled “Abominable.” It is impossible to not see the two similarities.

However, there are also differences.

There are two great strengths in the film “Abominable.” The first is the colors that fill every shot on the screen.

One could almost just stare at the scenes without the story or sound. Watching all the bright shades are beautiful.

Secondly, there are many visual effects throughout the film that were quite impressive.

Yes, it is an animated feature and movie-goers know that animation can do anything these days.

As this article was written there were many thoughts buzzing, and there were continuing impressions by some of the scenes that were truly special.

The main characters themselves were drawn well. Each of them have a different personality and that helped with the overall story.

There is one scene that has been seen in the trailer many times but one can be impressed every moment that scene is shown on screen. It is a moment when the children’s characters and Abominable slide down a hill of grass. That is simply charming.

On the other hand, every thing in the film is not lovable. The film is too predictable. And there are not many moments of peril.

Everything is going to be fine. That seemed to be the theme of the film. It did not have to be a crisis to the extreme, but more of a story and more tension would have been appreciated.

There have been some candidates already for the Academy Award Animated Feature for 2019.

“Abominable” is not one of the best films of this year, but it had some moments that were special.

In the end, I like the 55-year-old animated “Rudolph” more than “Abominable,” but younger people, especially the ones who do not like the ancient animation, they should see this one at least once.

And may there be many more animated features before the end of the year so animated fans can find an animation feast.

Roger W. Thomas of Albemarle reviews films for The Stanly News & Press.