Badin reaches goal to apply for Lou Donaldson Boulevard

Published 2:38 pm Monday, December 16, 2019

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The town of Badin met its $2,000 goal to apply for renaming part of N.C. Highway 740 as Lou Donaldson Boulevard last week.

During the meeting on Dec. 10, Town Manager Jay Almond told the council the town was close to meeting its goal. The next day, donors supplied the remaining amount.

A family member of Donaldson recently sent an email to Almond to express appreciation for the consideration, and he “sounded excited based on what I saw,” Almond said. The note added that Donaldson is “very grateful to (Almond) and the council” and sent a bio on Donaldson, a legendary jazz saxophonist, that included his time in Badin.

Almond used the bio in the application to the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

He was unsure how long the typical waiting period for a response is.

Retail Coach

Charles Parker, a representative of Retail Coach, addressed the council during the meeting.
Parker provided the council with “some of the initial mapping, data, retail leakage and opportunity, amount of spending happening, amount of pull different shops have, what their reach is” and more, Almond said.

The data gives the town a clearer picture of what businesses could be added to draw more customers, what shopping needs local residents have that they have to drive elsewhere for and what successes area businesses are having.

“That’s been a major, major help,” Almond said.

Parker also presented some of the information during the mayor’s breakfast held for local business owners on Dec. 11 following the council meeting.

The information “can bring this into focus with actual detail instead of intuitive or basically gathered information,” Almond said.

While the town could make guesses based on what the council sees, having the data provides confirmation and new ideas.

Animal Control Ordinance

The council also continued its discussion regarding updating its animal control ordinance.

Last month, the council discussed the need to update it and potentially provide clearer penalties for violations. Each council member was to bring their notes on it for the December meeting.

The council did discuss some potential changes, but did not reach any decisions, Almond said. He is still gathering comments from the individual council members to add to the thoughts expressed during the meeting.

“There was some discussion about creating a pet registration similar to the county, which Badin hasn’t had in the past,” Almond said. “I think what had the most traction was really just taking some of what’s in the existing ordinance and being a little more direct in the enforcement of those. Most had to do with if a dog is loose, running around on its own… lots of times we just tell people.”

The council discussed adding and enforcing financial penalties for violations in the hopes of increasing compliance and avoiding repeat issues.

“A lot of people tend to respond to hits to the pocketbook more than comments,” Almond said.

Almond will have a draft of the ordinance prepared for the council during its January meeting.

Deadman Post

A contractor working on the Deadman post was concerned freezing temperatures may prevent the mortar from being effective, Almond said. While the contractor planned to work on it outside, his concerns mean the council will either have to move the post inside for repairs, postpone repairs or see if another contractor would take on the project.

The council hopes to see the post moved inside, though the contractor would rather wait until there is warmer weather, Almond said.

The town will check with the contractor to see if it would be possible to work on it inside. If not, the council will consider other options.

No decision has been made about where the post will be permanently placed.

“They’ll get it repaired, then they’ll take whatever that next step is,” Almond said.

The next regular council meeting will be at 7 p.m. Jan. 14, 2020.

Imari Scarbrough is a freelance contributor for The Stanly News and Press.