ROGER THOMAS FILM REVIEW: Sequels keep coming, but let them be better than ‘Frozen 2’

Published 3:07 pm Monday, December 23, 2019

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From the first days I could walk into a theater, I was excited by the unknown.

What would happen in this new story? Would all the characters do the right thing? Or would some of them sacrifice themselves so others could be successful in the overall goal?

Before reflecting on this new film, a remainder might be an important look back to the original. “Frozen” is the title of a highly successful animated feature film that opened in theaters in 2013.

Roger Thomas

The heart of the film is the relationship between these two sisters in their first film. These girls are princesses and they love one another. Elsa and Anna are strong and their love for one another is powerful. And yes, the two young women have many talents, but their deep foundation of love drives the film and the characters as they move toward their destiny.

Also in the film the two young women have several faithful friends to aid and assist the leaders.

The original film, “Frozen,” is a feature that belongs on the big screen. However, I wish I could rain with compliments for this new film. Regrettably, I cannot offer volumes of praise shining in the light.

The second “Frozen” film simply does not measure up to the first.

I love great animation, but in these days half of the animated films are less than films 10 years earlier. So when one finds a truly impressive animated feature, rent it or even buy it. As the years pass, one will be glad that he or she has the opportunity to see that fine film over once again.

Sadly, however, I do not believe “Frozen II” stands beside the first film. The film is not as powerful as the first one. And there are many other reasons I believe it is a lesser film.

“Frozen” in 2013 had everything. There was beautiful music that people hummed or even sung as they went about their tasks. There were songs that empowered the characters. There were songs that were amusing. And the pairing of certain songs and lyrics were some of Disney’s best.

There was a song in the original “Frozen” that was hilarious. The song was sung by these creatures that were so much fun. All the songs in the first “Frozen” were grand, but the one which the trolls sung really stands out. The trolls brought the most laughter to my
heart during that scene six years ago.

All the cast was fun. They were used well in the first “Frozen” film and I, for one, personally hope that there will be a third “Frozen.”

Then may the third story be closer to the original.

There has to be more stories featuring those loving young girls. These stories would delight many.

In the end, I did not laugh as much this second round. I did not think as much in this film as

I remember I did in the first film. I also believe that the second film is not close to the first in any way.

“Frozen 2” is fine for children and parents who need to take children somewhere to get out of the house during the holidays.

And maybe, just maybe, some children will get “Frozen” toys and the children might play all the way up to the next “School Day.”

Roger W. Thomas of Albemarle reviews films for The Stanly News & Press.