ROGER THOMAS FILM REVIEW: Is latest ‘Star Wars’ another thrill in space or one more film the world did not need?

Published 3:08 pm Thursday, January 9, 2020

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I have written of my fondness for the “Star Wars” series many times over my years of writing about films. Here are a few little reminders.

Roger Thomas

In 1977, my dad took some friends and I to the local theater. When my dad realized that they had raised the price to 75 cents, my dear father almost shattered one of best days in my life. I did get in the theater, but my dad went home and told my mother “No movie is worth 75 cents.”

My dad passed several years ago and he never saw a “Star Wars” film, but I wish he had seen it and liked it. Then again, I doubt he ever would have liked it because he would say, “It was too expensive to watch people in weird outfits.”

I, of course, introduced my children to all the movies from a “star far, far away” and we have had much fun with the movies that are in a far place and a very different distance.

…And now we have another one.

Is it the best?

Not at all.

Is it the worst?

I am still pondering that question.

A friend called me in the first week of the new film. I had not had a chance to see it. He told me he hated it, or at the least he disliked it very much.

It took a few more days until I got to the theater, but when I made an outing, I was surprised.

Was it the best “Star Wars?”

No, but it was not horrible or even bad.

“Episode 1,” which was the fourth film made, is still probably my least favorite film, but I need to do another weekend replay of all the films. Watching the newest one has reminded me how much I have forgotten.

I like to tell people the things I do not like about the first film. When I say the first film, I am speaking of the fourth film that was made. Now the fourth film, or the first film depending on which one you decide, was a “Star Wars” film with many flaws, but I still watch it occasionally, and then I watch one of the really good ones.

But more than watching all the films that have already landed in theaters around our nation, let’s think positive.

“The Rise of Skywalker” seems to be an update film. It may not be completely cheery and glad, but it offers a possibility that goodness will ultimately be coming. I think that.

Years ago in a conversation about “Star Wars,” a friend said, “There has to be strife, struggle and evil.” He also said, “Evil creates much of the heartbreak that happens.”

As this latest “Star Wars” film presents conflict, struggle and powerful friendships, may all the viewers be inspired by the actions and the words on the screen.

And may our future grow in righteousness, service and grace.

May the future films of the “Star Wars” series bring us fun and wisdom. And as we now have one more film in the series, whether one likes it or not, “May the Force be with us All.”

Roger W. Thomas of Albemarle reviews films for The Stanly News & Press.