LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Elections matter, your vote matters

Published 4:37 am Saturday, February 29, 2020

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Tuesday is Election Day. Time to cast your ballot for those that make decisions on how your tax dollars are spent. Anyone can put the word conservative on their campaign signs and literature; however, can they really stand behind those words?

As your Stanly County commissioner from 2012-2016, I consistently worked in the various county departments to gain knowledge on how Stanly government works. I did so because that is what a true conservative does to gain knowledge to make better decisions at budget time on how your money is being spent.

As your Stanly County commissioner, I traveled to the various municipalities around Stanly County to communicate with other elected officials to work with each other to improve the livelihood of our residents.

As a Stanly County citizen, I stood with the municipalities as the Stanly County commissioners attempted to change the sales tax formula to take over $1.7 million from the various towns, cities and villages in Stanly County.

As a Stanly County citizen, I stood with the municipalities when the Stanly County commissioners tried to make the municipalities submissive to the commissioners by wanting to have the municipalities get approval from the county when they engaged in contracts with local government entities outside Stanly County.

As a conservative, adding more red tape to government is against our principles.

Stanly County is my home. As the owner of Vac & Dash, conservative fiscal responsibility has been a must to meet a weekly payroll for the last 16 years. As your county commissioner from 2012-2016, I asked questions and did research to wisely spend your tax dollars.

I ask for your support and vote Stanly County commissioner. If elected, I will once again make sure your tax dollars are spent correctly.

Thank you for your support.

Peter Asciutto,

candidate for Stanly County commissioner