OUR VIEW: We are made in Stanly

Published 8:58 pm Saturday, March 14, 2020

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Today we would like to address three P’s that are important for this weekend.

First is panic.

We understand how some people believe the media is hyping the coronavirus and creating more panic than is needed.

We do not believe this is the case. With the evidence shown first in China, then South Korea and Japan and now Italy, it is pretty evident we are dealing with something not seen by many people alive today.

Some people are comparing this to the Spanish Flu of 1918, but medicine has improved significantly since then. The feel of uncertainty is similar though. At least 50 million died from the flu, estimated to be the equivalent of around 200 million today. While the coronavirus has proven deadly across the world, it is nowhere near the heights of the flu of 1918.

But secondly, preparation is key. Even if you don’t believe the coronavirus is that bad, it does not hurt to be prepared. Stock up on a few extra items, just in case. Work from home if you can. Do not go out to crowded events.

We hate to see the NBA season suspended and are disappointed we will not see our favorite teams take part in March Madness. Locally, it is not ideal that the Celebration of the Arts was canceled for next Saturday. But we realize, containing this is key to prevent a larger outbreak.

Third, let’s address progress. As said earlier, we have made a lot of progress in the world of medicine. Whether you are a fan of the president or not, we should hold a positive attitude, prepare and hope this virus progresses out of here as quickly as possible.

As for us locally, we would like to address another form of progress.

Each March we publish a special titled Progress. This year, Made In Stanly is the theme and it comes in the form of a magazine inserted into today’s edition.

Writer Chris Miller and freelance photographer Marty Bowers spent many hours traveling the roads of Stanly County to capture employees and their companies producing items that have an impact worldwide. They spent months on this special magazine. Little did we know then that profiling the worldwide impact of Stanly’s residents would be released as the world is having a different kind of impact on us here at home.

Not all of the Progress made it into this magazine. Today’s front includes another look at a local business and there are a few others forthcoming.

We know we didn’t hit every business that has a worldwide footprint. We contacted many past these, some of which could not talk due to intellectual property concerns. Nevertheless, we believe Made In Stanly showcases a nice look at what can be accomplished when teammates work together toward a common goal.

We, too, are glad we can still say our roots are planted firmly in Stanly County.