Published 11:48 am Sunday, April 5, 2020

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I received a message notifying me that my place of work would be shut down until further notice.

I slept in. I didn’t have the drive to get out of bed.

When I woke and walked into the bathroom, grabbed my work clothes I had laid out for this morning on the counter and stuffed them back into their designated drawers — I realized something crucial. Yes, I am out of a job.

My initial thought was stress, worry, depression. My initial question was, “how in the heck am I gonna pay these bills?”

However, after I got over that, I realized how blessed I am to have the employers that I do. They’ve made the hardest decisions they’ve ever had to this past week, all for the sake of their customers, employees and their community.

I came to understand that when they made the call that would ultimately cut/stop our paychecks, it reflected what was happening to theirs as well. These women had to stop their lives as they knew them to step up and make sure the Deluxe Grill never died.

This is their life, this is their job and they are the future of Deluxe Grill. Yes, they had to initially shut the doors of the business for the time being. Yes, it will cause us all to suffer a great loss. Finally, yes, some of you probably will starve.

The one thing I found the most humbling out of this situation is, they never turned their noses up and shut us down immediately, they worked us every hour they possibly could and they made a position for everyone. They were right there with us every step we took into these uncharted waters.

I can speak for all of us at Deluxe Grill INC when I say we will miss you guys so much. You are the reason we work so hard and your faces brighten up our bad days.

Luckily, this isn’t forever, but for right now, it’s all we can do.

I love you guys, Beverly and Shelby — as well as the rest of my awesome coworkers. See you soon.

Destiny Sasser