YMCA serves as distribution site for masks, sanitizer

Published 4:30 pm Wednesday, April 22, 2020

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A group of approximately 25 volunteers from Stanly County are working together to make and provide cloth masks to anyone in need.

The Stanly County Mask Team officially formed on March 31. Stanly County Commissioner Tommy Jordan is serving as an organizer and public speaker for the group.

Through Facebook and YouTube, Jordan is asking for needed supplies and volunteer help, as well as providing reports of progress. They currently have 12-13 seamstresses working around the clock.

Several members of the group do not sew, but they are helping by finding supplies, cutting fabric and making deliveries.

In three weeks, more than 1,545 masks have been made. The cost to make a mask is about $2. Donations are welcomed. No one, however, is denied a mask due to inability to pay.

“This is an effort to keep our community safe, not making money,” said Jordan.

There was also an immediate need for hand sanitizer, as it was quickly sold out.

N.C. Rep. Wayne Sasser and Jordan began making it. Their recipe includes 190 proof alcohol and aloe juice.

The initial focus was to distribute their sanitizer to county employees until more could be found. So far, they have made 15 gallons. At this point, the county has been able to secure a 55 gallon drum of sanitizer. This has allowed the team to make sanitizer in pint-sized batches as needed. It costs $13 to make a pint of sanitizer.

Donations of $3 are welcome for 2-ounce bottles, but no one will be denied hand sanitizer due to inability to pay, according to the Stanly County Family YMCA.

The Stanly County Family YMCA recently joined forces to help with resources and distribution.

“In addition to providing childcare for essential employees and backpacks of food
for hungry pre-k children, we are grateful for another opportunity to directly help our community during this time,” YMCA CEO George Crooker said.

The Y wrote and was awarded an emergency grant from the Stanly County Community
Foundation to purchase supplies.

“This is just one more example of how this foundation truly is dedicated to helping our community,” said Crooker.

The Y is also serving as a pick-up location for masks and bottles of sanitizer, as well as making deliveries.

Anyone needing a mask or sanitizer may stop by the Y between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. weekdays. Knock on the black doors at the big front porch which is located at the corner of First Street and CB Crook Drive.

Anyone needing a delivery can email Kelley Bigger at kbigger@stanlyymca.org. Donations are accepted, but no one is turned away due to inability to pay. The Y may currently be closed as a facility, but it is still working to help the community, Crooker said.