LETTER TO THE EDITOR: How silly can the Democratic Party get?

Published 6:41 pm Sunday, April 26, 2020

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For starters let’s look at what the Democratic Party wants to do for America:

1. Defund the Military;

2. Open our borders and grant citizenship as well as voting rights to all illegal aliens;

3. Do away with the Electoral College;

4. Criminalize free speech;

5. Enact the Green New Deal;

6. Impose job-killing taxes and regulations on businesses;

7. Ban and confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens;

8. Replace Medicare for seniors, with a rationed “Medicare for all;”

9. Pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges; and

10. Pass taxpayer-funded and unlimited abortions up to the moment of birth and beyond.

This is just the start of the Democrat Socialists agenda. Once they get revved up, the America we love and cherish will be lost forever.

Can they be stopped?

Most definitely.

All that is needed is your conviction that President Trump is for the good of all Americans. Let’s look at the last three and half years.

1. Has appointed more than 180 Constitutionalist federal judges;

2. Got two judges appointed to the Supreme Court;

3. Has all but defeated ISIS;

4. A more secure southern border;

5. Record Hispanic employment;

6. Record black employment;

7. Energy independence;

8. Rebuilt and rearmed U.S. Military.

President Trump has done more in just three and a half years than the last three presidents did combined to improve the lives and future of our citizens.

Imagine what he will accomplish with four more years.

I encourage each of you, the readers, to look at the record and vote this November.

Don Abernathy