LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dr. Green was a great man

Published 9:06 am Monday, May 11, 2020

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I was sorry to hear of the passing of Dr. Green.

At one time, I was a patient of his and found him to be kind, gentle and with a good sense of humor.

Like the kindness of Dr. Eddins, who gave me a free tetanus shot just because I owned a horse, Dr. Green’s kindness made a lasting impression on me.

For many, many years while I was teaching at Stanfield School, Dr. Green supplied the SNAP for my fourth grade students. During this time, numerous individuals paid for classroom subscriptions, but Dr. Green always selected my class.

Getting a newspaper of their own was a treat for my fourth graders. At various times throughout the years, my students would send Dr. Green thank you cards. He always sent a letter to them in response.

You should have seen the excitement on their faces when I would say, “We have a letter from Dr. Green.”

Every letter he sent was always signed with this final statement, “Remember what Joey the Clown said, ‘Be Kind. Because all we have in this old world is each other.’ ”

What a wonderful legacy he left.

Barbara M. Carpenter
Red Cross