Published 7:54 pm Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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In a recent newspaper I noticed the School Board’s budget request and approval. ( https://www.thesnaponline.com/2020/05/17/school-board-approves-15-6-million-request/ ) Every year they had to beg for money. Why?

A couple of months ago the SNAP posted four or five pages of folks who have not paid their city and county taxes. Again I ask, why?

I was told there was two things a person had to do in life, breathe and pay taxes.

Why then do these folks only have to breathe? A lot of the names are listed every year.

I don’t have to ask why, because someone is not forcing them, too.

If they cannot pay their taxes they need to be forced to sell so the taxes can be paid by who buys the property.

The city and county were smart when the taxes on our automobiles were put over on the DMV. You have to pay the taxes or you don’t get your license plate.

I don’t own property now, but I did for 50 years and will admit to our name in the paper one time. It was the year my husband died and we just didn’t have the money to pay our taxes. But praise God a family member paid them for us. You know who you are and thank you so very much.

County and city, do something.

Lovell Mauldin