DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: Heavenly perspective

Published 9:44 am Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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CBS has given us a nice summer treat. They are running old movies on Sunday night. My wife and I have really been enjoying seeing these movies from our past. I was particularly looking forward to the one last Sunday night. They were showing “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” Naturally, there were lots of commercials, but we endured them because we wanted to see Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.

Doug Creamer writes a religion column for the SNAP.

There was five minutes left in the movie when our local station, WBTV, decided to cut in with breaking news. Naturally, we were concerned. When the reporter appeared she said that the streets of Charlotte were quiet tonight. They cut to another reporter who was at the police station and told us that the situation was much calmer than it had been the night before.

With five minutes until their news broadcast, WBTV broke in to tell us that the streets were quiet in Charlotte. I am grateful that we had a quiet evening after all the unrest, but they couldn’t wait five minutes to tell us that during their regular newscast?

Our country is struggling right now because an officer of the law, someone we trust to keep us safe, did the unthinkable. That act should spark outrage among all of us. That behavior cannot be tolerated and should be prosecuted. The world and heaven are watching to see how we handle the situation. I hope justice will prevail in this situation.

The truth is that there are bad people in every profession. I saw it as a teacher. The majority of my colleagues gave their best every day in the classroom and during all the various afterschool activities. But there were some whose behavior was unacceptable. When the public puts their trust in a group of people’s hands, we cannot misuse that trust. We must live up to a higher standard.

The same kind of problem is occurring with COVID-19. In some places the truth about the number of cases is concealed to make things look better. Different agencies report different numbers. The situation is complex and confusing and it is difficult to know what to believe.

The problem comes down to our perspective. No one thinks what the officer did in Minnesota is right. But when it comes down to COVID-19 there are so many different perspectives. Some believe we should close the country down, crushing the economy and many people’s lives.

Others want the economy open and say let the virus do its thing. Some firmly believe in masks, others refuse to wear one.

Who’s right?

It depends on your perspective.

God has been challenging me to consider my perspectives on many issues this week. I am looking at the world from my point of view. That’s natural, we all do that. But God has been challenging me to take on His heavenly perspective. That’s difficult. My priorities are not His, my ways are not His ways, and my thoughts are not His.

God hates injustice. God hates verbal, mental, physical and sexual abuse.

God hates when one person thinks they are better than another for any reason.

God loves grace, mercy, forgiveness, and peace.

God hates sin because it separates us from Him.

God loves a humble and broken heart.

God hears our plea for mercy even when we don’t deserve it.

God’s love covers over a multitude of sins and failures.

God loves every human being from the moment of conception until their final breath. He always hopes and believes that people have the capacity to repent and come home to Him.

God desperately wants a relationship with each person alive, from the vilest sinner to those that think they are saints. He wants every person to be saved from their sin.

I want to encourage you to pray for our county.

Pray for our leaders to have wisdom in knowing how to deal with the civil unrest and COVID-19.

Pray that truth will prevail in our criminal justice system and in the news.

Pray for peace and that our fractured communities will find ways to heal.

Pray that the Gospel will spread like wildfire and that people will discover the faith, hope and love that they need from their Father in heaven.

What we really need right now is for the love of God to wash over us, cleanse us, and to renew our hearts and minds.

Peace to you, your household, your city, your state and this great nation of ours.

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