LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Turn to Jesus this election

Published 10:24 am Sunday, August 23, 2020

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God bless America!

This is my prayer and hope for my country and community. I am happy to call America and Stanly County my home and to raise my children here, but I know that there are dark forces at work to destroy our home sweet home.

We are witnessing the flagrant attacks upon religious liberty, the demonization of our police departments, the accusation that America is systemically racist, the violent riots that have destroyed cities and historical monuments and the cultural war that has been declared upon the nuclear family structure.

So, I offer my plea.

Above all, I plead that we turn our eyes to the Lord Jesus Christ. We must lead our families in faith and virtue. We must love God with all our hearts and love our neighbors as ourselves. Church is essential.

Furthermore, I plead that we carefully consider the upcoming elections. In this election, I ask that we reaffirm that every unborn child deserves the right to be born; that marriage is God-ordained as between a man and a woman; and that the two genders are a matter of anatomy, not dysphoria. I ask that reject we Socialism and reaffirm individual responsibility and freedom.

Therefore, I am giving my personal support to Donald Trump as President of the United States and to Dan Forest as Governor of North Carolina.

Clint Lewey

Friendship Baptist Church