LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Consider voting absentee

Published 4:21 pm Saturday, September 19, 2020

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With Nov. 3 fast approaching, it is important that voters across the state begin thinking about how they plan to protect themselves and safely cast their ballot in just a couple of months.

In North Carolina, voters have the option to vote in person or absentee. With concerns rising over long lines, COVID-19 exposure and reduced access to polling places, North Carolinians should be aware that absentee voting is safe, secure and easily accessible without ever leaving your home.

All registered North Carolina voters may request their mail-in absentee ballot online, without needing to provide a special circumstance. Due to these uncertain times, it is important that every registered voter casts their ballot in a safe way, which is why we as a state are making sure to provide the best, pre-established voting method.

If you are unsure if you will have time to cast your vote on Nov. 3, please consider voting absentee. The process is simple and safe.

You can go online and print your absentee ballot request form,
fill it out and send it to your county’s election office. The office will then process your request and send you an absentee ballot, which you can fill out and return in the mail.

Absentee voting is different than the questionable mail-in voting method that some states are promoting. President Trump has made it clear that absentee voting is safe, as you, the voter, are the only one that can request your ballot be sent to you via the mail and only you, the voter, can fill the ballot out and return it to be counted.

Your North Carolina election officials have been working hard to make sure we have a safe, secure and accurate election on Nov. 3.

Again, I urge you to consider voting absentee, if for any reason you are worried you will not be able to vote on Election Day.

Zach Almond

Stanly County commissioner