DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: One step at a time

Published 11:48 am Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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I was heading to bed last Sunday night and thought I would like a little ice cream before I turned in. The ice cream seemed especially soft. I figured the refrigerator was just going through the defrost cycle; I could hear the fan running.

Doug Creamer writes a religion column for the SNAP.

I tossed and turned, thinking about what a terrible time it would be for the refrigerator to go. My wife was up doing a few last minute things before bed. She came in as I was dozing off and told me that things were defrosting in the freezer. I got back up and checked on things. The fan in the refrigerator was running, but the compressor was not.

It was too late to do anything about it at that point. I returned to bed and tossed and turned some more. What were we going to do? I was up early for my online classes. The great thaw was continuing. I texted the pastor and asked if I could move some freezer things up to the church, since we weren’t currently having any meals there. He said yes, and we went through our thawing freezer and got things that were still frozen moved up to church.

The pastor told me there was a dorm-sized refrigerator up at church I could borrow for a few days until I could figure out the next steps. We were thankful. We threw out things that were beyond saving and then went through the refrigerator, too.

We went to the store to pick out our new refrigerator and were met with a surprise. There is an appliance shortage going on across the country thanks to COVID. There were two models the retailer could deliver in about a week, neither of them were right for us.

We decided to shop around. Retailer after retailer told us the same story. There were no refrigerators in stock and we could be looking at a two month wait for what we wanted. There were a few models available; some were just a step above the dorm refrigerator we were borrowing from church.

I went to Habitat for Humanity with no luck. I then found a 40- to 50-year-old refrigerator that looked like it had been through the war. I took a chance and spent two days scrubbing and cleaning it to make it marginally presentable. It does run and we are hoping it will keep running until we can get one delivered.

To say it has been a stressful week is an understatement. I have been thinking about my Boy Scout days and the motto to be prepared. I used to have an old refrigerator in the garage. It died over a year ago and I decided not to replace it. My plan was to get a new one for the house and put the one from the kitchen out in the garage.

I have been trying to figure out what God wants me to learn through this situation. I think God wants me to learn that living by faith requires small steps. Sometimes those steps don’t look like a good way to go. I can’t see ahead. I have to learn to trust God, especially when I can’t see the next step.

When things are going crazy and your stress level is up, that’s when it can be really hard to hear from God. There are so many thoughts running around in my head, it is hard to quiet myself long enough to hear from heaven. God’s ways and His plans are always the best. They may not seem to make sense in the moment, but that is where faith and trust come in.

I am not saying that I have this down. I am still struggling to walk and live by faith. God has assured me that He is well aware of our situation. My job is to lean on Him. I have many years of experience walking with God through troubled waters. I have to remind myself that He saw me through all the other times; He will see me through again. His arm is not too short. If He can take care of over a million people in the desert for 40 years, He can see me through this situation as well. My God will never fail.

I want to encourage you that if you feel like you are in a difficult place trying to find which way to go, trust God. He will guide you one step at a time. It may not make sense, that’s why it requires faith to trust Him. He will not leave you alone. He will come through for you.

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