LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Voting for this great country

Published 8:24 am Sunday, October 25, 2020

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After living for almost four years with the present administration, I voted for the great democratic republic that our country was and can still be.

I voted for law and order, especially as it was before this administration. I voted for the sacrifices our military make, not thinking of them as “losers” or “suckers.” I voted for the right to speak my opinion and to listen carefully to the opinions of others, especially to the minorities who have not really had a voice.

I voted to secure justice for all of us, not just for the super rich and big corporations. I voted to maintain our separation of church and state so that all religions are respected and have their rights protected. I especially voted to protect healthcare for women and their right to choose their reproductive decisions and not be held to the dogma of the few who would tell my daughters and yours what they must do.

I voted for freedom of speech, assembly, thought and all the others protections of our Constitution. I voted for the good of our nation, the good that is within each of us if we hold on to God’s love and love for our neighbors.

You probably have guessed it by now that I voted for the people who will support what I support, and for the very future of this country.

Nancy C. Bryant