Causey reminds parents not to toy with safety

Published 3:41 pm Tuesday, December 15, 2020

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Insurance Commissioner and Safe Kids NC Chair Mike Causey is urging parents and caregivers to keep children safe this holiday season by following some simple tips recommended by Safe Kids North Carolina.

Toy safety is particularly important this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many parents will be looking to find holiday gifts to keep their children and themselves entertained during the long winter looming ahead.

“There’s no greater joy than watching children open gifts and play with their toys during the
holiday season but it’s very important to have a safe play environment with safe toys,” said
Causey, chairman of Safe Kids North Carolina. “Make sure to choose age-appropriate
toys and always supervise children while they’re playing.”

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, approximately 217,000 children are treated at hospital
emergency rooms for toy-related injuries each year. Most toy-related injuries do not require
hospitalization (97 percent); however, in 2005, 20 children died due to toy-related injuries.
Riding toys, such as tricycles and non-powered scooters, are the leading cause of toy-related

You can prevent toy-related injuries by following these safety tips:

• Be sure children play with toys that are age-appropriate. Read the warning labels before
buying toys for children.

• Keep devices with coin-sized button batteries out of sight and out of reach. These
batteries are a choking hazard when swallowed by children. Keep loose or spare
batteries locked away.

• Look for well-made toys. Check toys regularly for damage that could create hazards.
Repair or discard damaged toys immediately.

• Make sure that discarded toys are out of children’s reach.

• Supervise children while they play. Be aware of potential dangers like small parts, cords
and strings, moving parts, electrical or battery-powered cords, or wheels.

• Do not allow riding toys near stairs, traffic or swimming pools.

• Teach children to put toys away after playing. Toys intended for younger children should
be stored separately from those suitable for older children.

• Make sure toy chests are open (have no lid) or have safety hinges.

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