LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Engaging in our greatest freedom

Published 4:37 pm Friday, January 15, 2021

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My eyes filled with tears last Wednesday watching an angry mob surge away from the gathered crowd in Washington, D.C and swarm around and into the Capitol.

Those gathered had been encouraged to do so by media pundits and political leaders entrusted with national platforms. But some of those in coveted positions had abused their privilege and presented less than their best selves or their highest standards to the public.

As a result, people were taken in by speculation, lies and falsehoods.

Since Election Day, Nov. 3, there has been ample time for every voter in the nation to have found his or her own truth. Precinct and local county election officials would always have been open to any questions about voter eligibility and accompanying inviolate ballot procedures. And through the power of the internet, staff and Election Boards throughout the country were accessible for lingering questions.

Further personal investigation would have assured each voter that a Congress with authority to issue a massive number of COVID relief checks could only “open all the Certificates and the votes (of the Electors) shall then be counted” (Article II, Section I).

The celebrated American author and historian David McCullough told the
2004 graduating class at Ohio University that “The greatest freedom we have is the freedom to think for ourselves.”

Incredible disservice and harm are done when viewpoints, opinions or arguments not thoroughly researched, thought out or carefully reasoned are promoted.

But, fortunately, all of us members of the American public have the supreme advantage of being able to listen carefully and then engage in and exercise our greatest freedom.

Jim Sawyer