GRADUATION 2021: Diploma display ideas

Published 4:54 pm Thursday, May 27, 2021

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Graduation day is one of the proudest moments in students’ academic careers. Diplomas are symbolic of hours spent honing skills and working on assignments and, ultimately, success in the classroom.

High school diplomas represent an opportunity to go on to higher learning or a trade, while college degrees indicate young people are ready to begin their professional lives.

Many graduates are excited about the prospect of receiving their diplomas. Once in hand, the document can be put on display.

The following are some unique ways to showcase diplomas at home or at work.


One of the classic ways to display a diploma is in a frame. Many businesses offer customized framing where the frame material and the matting can be chosen. Some grads may want to include a photograph of the school or a picture of the graduate above the diploma. Graduates also may want to select a frame and mat that coordinates with school colors.

Create a shadow box

Consider displaying the diploma with other mementos from school. A shadow box is a large, deep display frame that can house items that are thicker than photographs or papers. Items such as a graduation tassel, medal or other award, a varsity jacket patch, or a program from a school performance or awards ceremony can be placed in the shadow box.

Create a photo wall

Display the diploma among other framed photos from school activities. This can elicit a trip down memory lane every time the wall is viewed. Some families may want to display their diplomas together, especially if multiple family members attended the same school.

Make a work of art

Various online art vendors can turn the diploma into different works of art. For example, engravers can laser engrave the diploma onto a wooden plaque. Then the diploma can be displayed in one location and the wood plaque in another.

Place it under glass

Display the diploma beneath the glass top of a coffee table. When entertaining guests, the diploma can make for a unique conversation piece.

A school diploma is worthy of recognition. There are various creative ways to display these documents that reflect the hard work and success of their recipients.