LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We want to be good neighbors

Published 11:08 am Monday, June 14, 2021

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We appreciate the comments at the hearing about the mine property. We will do everything to address concerns and see if our efforts to do so are in line with citizens and our neighbors.

There are strict guidelines that need to be followed and met to comply with regulations. We will comply with such requirements.

As to concerns related to water usage and its effect on neighboring properties, I have spoken to our consultants on this and they have assured me the estimated 90,000 gallons usage for the operation is negligible. It is water that has accumulated in the existing pit and the scope of the water source would never go outside the property. Every bit of water collected will be recycled.

As to the feasibility of a sinkhole occurring in a driveway at a home a mile from the property, which Mr. Chestnut suggested was a result of activities years ago, it is not possible. But we are still in the process of performing studies for purposes of the project and its impact on the area.

Another concern he mentioned was blasting as a disturbance to funerals. I do not think this would be the case with modern techniques, nor is blasting something done on a regular basis.

One concern of our neighbor Mr. Griffin was the quality of water leaving the property and its cleanliness. I do not know the specifics of this yet, but there will be sediment ponds that allow for water to filter prior to leaving the property. We have always complied with state regulations and performed any requests. Creating berms, leaving buffers, sloping the sides and seeding the existing disturbed area of the property is just an example. I do empathize with his concerns and take them seriously. We want to be good neighbors and aim to address all of these concerns.

One bothersome portion for me were the comments from Joe Carter questioning the integrity of my family and my father, Gus. Gus was not the lead of a coalition to block Mr. Carter from having a mining operation in 2003. I believe Mr. Carter was seeking a rezoning of property in order to operate a mine. It was not Gus who was against him as much as the college, community and the county. If memory serves me correctly, I believe the Village of Misenheimer was formed for the specific purpose of fighting Mr. Carter on his efforts to do so.

We do understand the concerns of neighbors and look to mitigate those through proper handling of anything related to mine operations. They can rest assured we have heard their voices and have their best interest at heart. We want to be good neighbors as well as be able to use our property for its best use. We will put measures in place such as buffer zones, berms and leave natural habitat to lessen impact on the community. We would hope to achieve a relationship with the community that is productive and beneficial to all.

James Schad
Your Equipment Guys
Landvestors Group