Stanly athletes named to All-YVC squads

Published 9:42 am Monday, July 12, 2021

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The following athletes representing schools in Stanly County were named to the All-Yadkin Valley Conference teams for their respective sports for the 2020-21 academic year.

Women’s Cross Country

Gray Stone: Emberleigh Pauley-Brown, Jenna Freeman, Grace Eppehimer, Kimbal Chapman, Anaston Trexler, Anna Lynn Carter.

North Stanly: Lexi Goode, Milena Hernandez.

South Stanly: Jacy Noble, Keeli Crisco, Jocelyn Vazquez.

Honorable Mention:  Andi Billingsley (North Stanly).

Runner of the Year:  Emberleigh Pauley-Brown (Gray Stone)

Coach of the Year:  Sherri Swaringen (Gray Stone).

Men’s Cross Country

Gray Stone: Wesley Rogers.

North Stanly: Nicholas McClure.

South Stanly: Davis Wright, Ranfere Garcia, Jayden Oliver.

Coach of the Year:  Mike Curlee (South Stanly)


Albemarle: Somahje Porter.

Gray Stone: Piper Mauldin, Margaret Huckabee, Lannah Huneycutt. 

North Stanly: Alex Childress, Taegan Lowder, Cleo Carter.

South Stanly: Kassie Swink, Morgan Kinley.

Honorable Mention:  Olivia Eldridge-GS, Mallie Purvis-NM, Lanie Hulin-SD, Haedyn Hill-UC

Player of the Year:  Taegan Lowder (North Stanly).

Women’s Basketball

Albemarle: Kai Spencer, Somahje Porter.

North Stanly: Alexis Goode, Mary Beth Bowers.

South Stanly: Sadie Lee, Jacy Noble.

Honorable Mention: Jenna Robinson (Gray Stone).

Men’s Basketball

Albemarle: Marc Raye, Jr.

North Stanly: Stefan Harris, Clay Hatley, Dyson Bell, Doug Smith.

South Stanly: Brandon Teller.

Honorable Mention: Colin Foley (Gray Stone), Cooper Hogan (North Stanly), Malik Kluttz (South Stanly).

Player of the Year:  Dyson Bell (North Stanly)

Coach of the Year:  George Walker (North Stanly)

Women’s Swimming

Gray Stone: Riley Gleason, Katherine Jolly, Payton Lorch, Ainslee Lowery.

North Stanly: Maci Holshouser, Rachel Gibson, Isabella McGee, Alex Childress-NS.  

Swimmer of the Year: Rachel Gibson (North Stanly)

Coach of the Year: Jennifer Gibson (North Stanly)

Men’s Swimming

Gray Stone: Tom Bristol, Zach Ehmann, Mark Lappin, Kai Laster, Jonathan Newsome, Corey Nunes, Cole Stinnett, Jobey Swaringen. 

Swimmer of the Year:  Corey Nunes (Gray Stone)

Coach of the Year:  Greg Yanz (Gray Stone)

Men’s Soccer

Gray Stone: Levi Rosser, Quentin Hippert, Judson Bullard, Andrew Beohler, Prior Sparks.

North Stanly: Mac Barfield.

South Stanly: Andy Garcia, Ranfere Garcia.

Player of Year:  Judson Bullard (Gray Stone)

Coach of Year:  Brad Harrington (Gray Stone)


Conference Co-Player of the Year:  Cooper Hogan (North Stanly)


Linemen: Tryie Lilly (North Stanly), Nate Almond (South Stanly).

Receivers: Stefan Harris (North Stanly), Malik Klulttz (South Stanly).

Running Backs: Christian Barber (North Stanly), Kyree Dykes (North Stanly).

Quarterbacks: Luke Shaver (North Stanly).

Kicker: Mac Barfield (North Stanly).

Returners: Cam Smith (North Stanly).


Linemen: Brandon Smith (Albemarle), Meliek Bryant (North Stanly), Zyon Goode (North Stanly), Lawson Hicks (South Stanly)

Linebackers: Ayden Carpenter (North Stanly), Josh Lucas (North Stanly), Trevor Tucker (South Stanly).

Defensive Backs: Jaylen Pinkney (Albemarle), Stefan Harris (North Stanly), Jaxon Barbee (South Stanly), Jaquavius Caraway (South Stanly).

Punter: Josh Lucas (North Stanly)

Honorable Mention: Clayton Shure (North Stanly, Jaderian Smith (South Stanly).

Men’s Tennis

North Stanly: Kaleb Burrage.

South Stanly: Caleb Lefler, Lucas Lefler. Joseph 

Men’s Golf

Gray Stone: Wyatt Reeder, Kyle Van Horn, Hayden Lambert.

North Stanly: Jerry Almond.

South Stanly: Dustin Hurley, Reid Smith, Luke Dennis, Davis Wright, Max Clodfelter.

Co-Players of the Year:  Dustin Hurley (South Stanly), Reid Smith (South Stanly).

Coach of the Year:  Doug Smith (South Stanly).

Women’s Golf

Gray Stone: Katelyn Griggs, Aliza Simpson, Layla Simpson.

South Stanly: Jackie Burris-SS, Emma Crump, Savanna Hurley, Shyane Burleson.

Player of the Year:  Katelyn Griggs (Gray Stone).

Coach of the Year:  Doug Smith (South Stanly).


Albemarle: Riley Dennis.

Gray Stone: Andrea Furr.

North Stanly: Callie Parker-.

South Stanly: Sadie Lee, Mary Hinson, Alexis Harward, Emma Campbell, Kassie Swink, Emma Crump.

Honorable Mention:  Holly Barrier (South Stanly), Hunter Helms (North Stanly).

Player of the Year:  Sadie Lee (South Stanly).

Co-Coach of the Year:  David Poplin (South Stanly).

Women’s Soccer

Albemarle: Emma Donnally, Bianca Navarro.

Gray Stone: Anna Grace Sumner, Peyton Disser, Margaret Huckabee, Ella Hedenskog.

North Stanly: Lexi Goode, Darby Shaw.

South Stanly: Keeli Crisco, Jacy Noble, Maddie Wright.

Honorable Mention:  Lila Rosser (Gray Stone), Ximena Jaimes (South Stanly), Alex Childress (North Stanly)

Player of the Year:  Anna Grace Sumner (Gray Stone)

Coach of the Year:  Scott Wolfe (Gray Stone)

Women’s Tennis

Gray Stone: Emma Bost, Ella Hedenskog, Emma Sparger.

North Stanly: Andi Billings, Courtney Smith.

South Stanly: Keeli Crisco, Rachel Huneycutt.

Player of the Year:  Jacy Noble (South Stanly)


Albemarle: Ricardo Bustos.

South Stanly: Ranfere Garcia, Michael Gabbard, Trent Drake, Hunter Barrier, Tony Rogers.

Coach of the Year:  Michael Curlee (South Stanly)


Gray Stone: Solomon Eudy.

North Stanly: Nic Melton, Luke Shaver, Cole Smith, Hayden Furr, Clay Hatley.

South Stanly: Jake Cohen, Trevor Tucker, Lawson Hicks.

Honorable Mention:  Tyler Tuzenew (Gray Stone), Trey Gibson (North Stanly), Jaxon Barbee (South Stanly).

Women’s Track

Albemarle: Abigail Clayton, Somahje Porter.

Gray Stone: Emberleigh Pauley-Brown, Grace Eppehimer.

North Stanly: Alex Childress, Taegan Lowder. (Sports Editor’s Note: Lowder’s name was omitted from the information received by the SNAP which is why her name was not in the print version of this article. It has now been corrected here online.)

Honorable Mention:  Mallory Hill (Gray Stone), Lexi Goode (North Stanly).

Track Athlete of the Year:  Somahje Porter (Albemarle)

Men’s Track

Albemarle: Reyli Alvarez, Anthony Chambers, Isaiah Jones, Jason Wall, Ali Currie.

Gray Stone: Andy McLeod, Ethan Wilkins.

North Stanly: Dylan Blalock, Alex Huneycutt, Nicholas McClure, Isiah McCall, Karee Dykes.

South Stanly: Ranfere Garcia, Joshawa Huneycutt.

Honorable Mention:  Edison White (Gray Stone).

Field Athlete of the Year:  Ali Curry (Albemarle)

Female Conference Player of the Year:  Sadie Lee (South Stanly).