LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Just in time for back to school

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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We have been through over 1.5 years of a pandemic and school is about to begin. Healthcare workers are exhausted. Too many tears have been shed.

Yet, it appears little has been realized in all this time.

What is a virus?

First, viruses are dead (not living). The only thing they require is a host.

Multiple hosts make it easier for a virus to do its work among an entire population.

Initially a virus made direct contact with another human or their bodily fluids or a surface someone had infected. Think of it as an invisible “zombie tick” — a dead parasite — searching for a new host, attaching to their very being, spitting its contents into their cells and waiting for things to explode. Sometimes the virus literally kills its host. As a virus infects, it changes and mutates — actually becoming better at its job.

All viruses do is attach and infect — their work is swift and deadly. The new mutation of coronavirus has now shifted quite effectively from Origin to Alpha and now Delta is overtaking the globe. Think of all the families in India who had to resort to burning their ancestors in public funerals because hospitals were overwhelmed.

Every child in Stanly County is at stake. Because of that, every teen and young adult is at risk. Currently, the age group between 20 and 40 are filling emergency departments.

Here is a question for consideration: What words are you planning to say to your child or grandchild just before they are put on a ventilator? Or better yet, what do you plan to say to your available loved ones just before you are intubated and vented?

It may already be too late to change what is underway. 

Debra Reynolds