Published 11:03 am Thursday, September 30, 2021

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The history of the original Donut Dinette building in Albemarle dates back to early 1948.

One day, two men from Charlotte, visiting Phillips Drug Store, were impressed by Flave Whitley’s service at the lunch counter. They offered him the opportunity to purchase a Donut Dinette franchise.

In May 1948, Flave opened his new business on North Second Street near the Albemarle Hotel.

During 1957, John Haynesworth wanted to build a new building on the Donut Dinette location. He wanted Flave to stay in his new building so the Donut Dinette was moved to the east side of North First Street between what was then Lefler Funeral Home and Morrow Brothers and Heath. Four or five years later it was moved across the street.

The business was managed by Bill Varner for many years and later Joe Smith. In 1984, Smith built a new building behind the original structure. When this building was completed, the original building was moved again and ended up on South First Street. The building housed a number of restaurants, but was ultimately demolished during September 2021.

{Lewis Bramlett – Stanly County Historical Society}